A little bit about me.

Welcome to my corner of the digital world! I’m Zaina, a Palestinian-Kuwaiti fruit lover, yoga teacher, wellness coach and student of life.

My journey into health and fitness began when I was a college student at The University of Oklahoma where I was surrounded by a culture of fitness and athleticism. Our university gym came with courts, a track, a variety of machines and two fitness studios where my passion for Zumba was born and I became a licensed instructor. I began teaching classes during my time abroad and discovered my passion for empowering men and women through group fitness classes. While I graduated with an M.A in Journalism, and paid my dues in the corporate world, I kept following my heart into the world of wellness.

Little did I know those initial steps in college would germinate into the sacred space you find yourself in today.

After years of teaching fitness classes and listening to clients, I found myself wanting to offer support on a deeper level and went on to become an Integrative Holistic Nutrition Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). A life changing experience and approach that I am blessed to be able to share with others.

18 months later, I lost my father to cancer and this entire support system I had built for myself felt like it was crumbling. I turned to nature and yoga, adopting a wholistic and spiritual path towards my healing.

I decided a yoga teacher training was exactly what I needed and it was. I encourage all my clients to explore the world of yoga, breath-work and/or meditation as they embark on their wholistic journey. Looking back I am thankful for what I’ve been through as I believe our darkest moments have the power to bring out the brightest stars.

If you feel inspired and ready for support, I invite you to sign up for a free consultation to see how this space can support you.  

It all starts with the first step, the first seed.

Love & light,
Zaina Ghabra

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